by Paremia

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Vetiver fue grabado y mezclado en Rochet Production Studios en Guaynabo, Puerto Rico por Jay Rochet.

Vetiver was recorded & mixed in Rochet Production Studios, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico by Jay Rochet.


released April 22, 2012

Paremia is: Manuel Fuentes & friends.

Toda música y letra por Manuel Fuentes.
Arte y diseño: Alexandra Maldonado/Manuel Fuentes.

All music & lyrics by Manuel Fuentes.
Cover art & design: Alexandra Maldonado/Manuel Fuentes.



all rights reserved


Paremia Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

Paremia is my solo project. It started on 2010, when I began to write my own songs and proceeded to record them. Basically, this is me doing whatever I want, enjoying the freedom of art through music, not getting stuck under a music genre or message. Art will always remind humanity what freedom is, and music will never cease to show the blessings of human nature. This is what Paremia is to me. ... more

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Track Name: Chair in the Solar System
Will I have my seat on space right out of this illusion?
So I can contemplate life from another vision
Open minds free binded souls that cry for such a revelation, such a revolution…

Free ourselves

So tell me, will we reach the end?
Take your seat & place it carefully
The children sing our memories

It’s now just frozen, my true north, our shipwrecks, the water in my lungs
Our ghosts fill up this hollow home
There’s poison right here in our waters, drink up, drink up

I suggest we stop feeding ourselves with vanity & selfishness or we’ll rot to death.
Track Name: Mnemonics
Love, wake up. I’ve watched the sun for way to long
For all we know, life sails away & leaves a note

Memories won’t fade; they will just mess with time
Learn to travel well, meet your mind.

Bring back those days, when we used to have it all
Lovely evenings, lovely nights, the glare is right before my eyes
How should I know my tired eyes would let it show?
My tired mind would sing blue notes

Bring back the days when we were free
Track Name: Radio Waves
This place is where the giants roam
The jury said: “soon we’ll all be gone”
This for the earth that wants to fall asleep
Now they’re all staring, but no one dares to speak

Watch out for the wolves, even they feel alone, walking dead end roads.
There are rumors of silent inglorious wars
You’ve lost mind, you’ve lost your sight
Shake your hands with fate, go fight your fight
Oh death don’t bother me tonight

Do you want peace?
Go fight your fight
For death feeds, go find courage
You dead boys, wake up alive!
They will raise a white flag

Deaf people listen closely, end to the modern world!
We live for explanations, but nothing in return
We’re yelling out there is a war
The crowd is marching to its grave

Watch out for the wolves, even they feel alone, walking dead end roads
We carry the burdens, and not with the purpose of selling ourselves to our enemies.
To the faces that haunt me regardless of time & place, never forget me!
Track Name: Lotus
Can you feel the warmth of my hands over yours?
Can you hear my voice?
As we spin in circles
We run against the cycle of humanity

Surrounded by empty waterfalls
Wrapped up in blankets to fight the cold
And there is no saying what can’t be done because time is so surreal
In circles we run against the cycle of humanity (x2)

We’ll be free, our bones will echo gracefully
We’ll see the light
We’ll be free, my heartbeat creates a melody
I see the light
Hopefully, the stars will come get you
And you’ll sing the main song

Oh darling, I hope that you find your soul
The hand that stole your death is at your door
Track Name: Libidinal
Una ecuación, otra dimensión, verbo en aerosol; nervios se queman creando el esquema

Una ilusión, un cielo gris
En su ausencia nace una virtud que explica la raíz de un mundo de papel
Un mercado de piel
Un pretexto moral que esconde lo animal

Desnuda, estar de toda acción, de toda hipertensión
Remuevo un velo tóxico de un ser excéntrico
De un ser dinámico, de un disfraz de plástico

Release the creature, release the love; there is one in all of us.

De una tímida aurora que va hacia un portal a una fase caótica
Una cápsula de paz que esteriliza falacias eróticas
Muéstrame un volcán, la dulce mermelada de tu ser
Vuelve a despertar sentidos, sonidos interrumpidos
Realidad, cierro mis ojos, puedo ver…
Puedo ver, perspectiva animal, la estética social de un mundo gris.
Track Name: Luminous Red Nova
I. Lure

There’s something wrong with weed that I smoked last night
But your cigarettes poured a scent of death, brought a deathbed to me
Waking demons out of a casket
Another glass of wine, appealing, so divine
Fill the room with smoke as I’m drowning
10:45, broke up a saint’s delight, bathing in rivers with half heart stolen

Don’t stop kissing baby, don’t stop teasing, stop the killing ‘cuz you’re a lure
There I was on my knees while she was shaking her hips all around me

Yeah, you know I’m under her spell; it’s such a devilish game
She’s in the back of my head

II. Ambivalence

Pack up, baby we’re leaving soon
There’s got to be empty beds on the moon
It’s our little dark spot
Usually we’d go down to the store, have our little chat and drink
Then go outside and behave like beasts

If only one thing led us wrong we would be perfect
Maybe tonight is on you
If only nothing led us wrong we would stay perfect
Maybe tonight is on you

Before we go, let me rethink
If the sky falls tonight would I still want to be here?
If the sky falls tonight, would I still want you here?

III. Shape of love

Back and forth we go; it’s not our fault we get along with democracy, its hypocrisy
We could stay awake all night, telling lies about who we are, but it’s not in me, its hypocrisy
So pull me out alive

She knows the world is under the shade of friendly monsters
She knows it all; it grows on you
With both hands on our shoulders, we make each other wonder about the shape of love
Track Name: Satellites
Find our way, while giants are awake, we can’t seem to find our way
The sun is out to get me now
We don’t seem to understand they will want to make us bow
Tomorrow never seems to end

This is slavery; could this be it?
Nothing more than deathbed days
Is this it? Is this it for you and me?
Tell me, did we fall asleep?

We’ll be fine with bites around our ship
The sea has drowned our souls and our friends
Will nature be the death of our disgrace?
Can we come back home?
Can we end this curse?

Are we out here alone? Are you holding my bones? Where is our goal?
I think it’s just myself, once more against this whole barrel of guns
Our hope is dull but I will build a bridge and pray we don’t drown under it

From our very birth we are stolen and haunted by white ghosts that wash away our hopes until our eyes are closed. My throat still tastes like fire, from a song I barely know. I’ve been walking; I’ve been trying to forget those burning notes. I tried to hold this ship together, but the battle grew too strong. We are tossed by waves and attacked by captivating cannibals. There is so much we could do, but these waters are neck deep. I hope we learn to love, and I pray we learn to swim. So hold on tight, so we can understand each other; our hands entwined, we’re finally helping one another. Our spines grow stronger, our hearts together, no longer lost in a transitory weather. Satellites that bring us all together, feeding from a love source that makes us all be better.

We are satellites.