Sleep Rehab Diaries

by Paremia

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Sleep Rehab Diaries is a double album divided on it's sides A & B. It includes a deluxe version booklet of 25 pages & a bonus track on the side B.


released August 20, 2014

Special thanks to: Alexandra Maldonado for her amazing photography & unconditional support, Lymaris Fuentes for being my loyal companion on this journey. I love you both. I would also like to thank Ruben Ríos, Mom, Dad, Joey Pagàn, & Rolando Ayala for always being there for me. From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you; & anyone else who has helped me in any way to make this possible.

Last but not least, I thank you, listener, for allowing me to speak to you through this album. See you on the other side.

Muchas gracias a: Alexandra Maldonado, Lymaris Fuentes, Ruben Ríos, Mis padres, Joey Pagán & Rolando Ayala por todo su apoyo incondicional, y a toda persona que me haya brindado algún tipo de ayuda para poder hacer esto posible.

Thank you all!

Sleep Rehab Diaries was recorded in Puerto Rico.
Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Manuel Fuentes
All music & lyrics written & performed by Manuel Fuentes. © 2014. All rights reserved.
Main Vocals on 'Colorblind', 'Polyphonic Prayer', & 'No Regrets' by Lymaris Fuentes.
Guest vocals on 'Let Fear Go', 'Cornea', & 'Flor de Piel' by Lymaris Fuentes.
Guest piano appearance on 'Flor de Piel' by Gilberto Mangual.
Art direction & Design by Manuel Fuentes. © 2014.
Photography by Alexandra Maldonado. © 2014.



all rights reserved


Paremia Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

Paremia is my solo project. It started on 2010, when I began to write my own songs and proceeded to record them. Basically, this is me doing whatever I want, enjoying the freedom of art through music, not getting stuck under a music genre or message. Art will always remind humanity what freedom is, and music will never cease to show the blessings of human nature. This is what Paremia is to me. ... more

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Track Name: Burning Bright
Way away you take my mind
Way away until we fly

Power up the stations
Bed is burning bright
Stereo complexion
Messing with our minds tonight
Track Name: Mother Bomb
She brings out the liberation
She sings the revolution
She is the mother of all bombs
She has the heartbeat of my song

She sings the revolution
She has the liberation
She is the mother of all bombs
She is my song

Alienate us, we believe in tension
Proud parents of paranoid nations
Sex driven, mind fuck connections
Alienate us, alienate us
Track Name: Timing
Meet me in my car
Show me what you can
Tease me all you want
Forget who you are

Time me

Meet me in my bed
Play games with all of me
Tease me all you want
Forget who you are
Track Name: To the Architects
Mayday, job without a payday

Hey it's all the same
File your complaints
Fuck what they say
In & out, out & in
What they say is dead

Sell me, culture blame me,
Fucking pet me
What are you trying to do?
Take you, I will burn, culture fuck you
What are you trying to do?
Track Name: Lady
Jane, won't you feel me?
Jane, will you release me of this?
Jane, don't you see me?
Jane, hold me firmly oh yeah

Oh Lady...

Jane, burn with me
Jane, hold me dearly oh yeah
Jane, won't you heal me
From days that might kill me
Lady Jane, speak to me in the ocean
Track Name: Far from Real
Love me in the morning
Hold me in the night
Come on darling
It could be so fine

The truth is far from real

I am out my window
On a dream like drive
Track Name: Colorblind
Your lies, they seem sweet.
Your eyes, the nagging bite of teeth

It's the journey of the color blind
Track Name: Let Fear Go
Sky, you are what gives me hope, nothing I can show, time to let fear go

Sky is time to let them know
That we're not alone
Time let fear go

In my arms I will catch you
Track Name: Cornea
De cristal son tus ojos
Mar sideral, tiembla bajo mi piel

No me quiero alejar, no quiero dejar de pensar en ti

Espacial, sombra de amor inicial
Libertad de un paradigma material
Libertad en un mundo material
Track Name: Flor de Piel
Color de trigo y sabor a miel es lo que tiene tu piel, mejor que el vino es amarte, tu eres pureza del edén.
Cortinas de cielo en mi paladar, tinte de sol, tinte de mar.
Tinte moreno y espeso,
es la teoría de un beso.

Sol que se cae a mi lado, eres color.
Ruido que me habla, me remata, tu eres color.

Eres codicia de todo arte, el viento canta tu mirar, vio la belleza desnudarse.
Cortinas de cielo en mi paladar, tinte de sol, tinte de sal.
Track Name: Hipnosis
Hoy te vas, me hipnotizas
Con ojos oscuros y ebrios
Te llevas mi sonrisa
En tus manos con todos mis miedos
Track Name: Psiconauta
Amor ocupas devociòn
Me deprime tu hipertensiòn
Anestecia para la razòn
Muy sensual
Track Name: No Regrets
Broken bones but no regrets

We supply demands, such a noble act
Read another page from the book that says we have
One more conspiracy of suits & ties & lies remain