Ars Amatoria EP

by Paremia

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Ars Amatoria EP fue grabado en Carolina, Puerto Rico por Joey Pagán.

Ars Amatoria EP was recorded in Carolina, Puerto Rico by Joey Pagán.


released February 26, 2012

Paremia is:
Manuel Fuentes & friends.

All music & lyrics by Manuel Fuentes.
Photos by Alexandra Maldonado.



all rights reserved


Paremia Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

Paremia is my solo project. It started on 2010, when I began to write my own songs and proceeded to record them. Basically, this is me doing whatever I want, enjoying the freedom of art through music, not getting stuck under a music genre or message. Art will always remind humanity what freedom is, and music will never cease to show the blessings of human nature. This is what Paremia is to me. ... more

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Track Name: Ars Amatoria
Wandering down the streets so lovely, coffee tables born so cozy
Leaves don’t grow old, young is how they feel
Once again we learn how to breathe.
A thief greets a policeman, a cowboy hugs an Indian
Let’s bring heaven to the world we live.

Laying on a lovely wood boat, happiness seems very near
Birds sing songs my ears are pleased to hear

May love be one sweet thing we believe in.

I’ve become addicted to the reveries my mind runs through
I’d love to share my hope with you.
Whoa, we all walk below the trains of knowledge and wisdom
Lord, get us far from our hopeless ambitions
Let’s bring heaven to the world we live.

Ven amor,
Will you come travel with me and search for silhouettes of hope?
Track Name: The Seduction Parable
It’s such a misery, wasting the perfect life, missing the perfect place
We’re throwing out ourselves by such a small mistake
Hold on; Hold on, there is some time left
Let’s take these leaves and get well dressed

Yeah, we should hide it, our chaotic taste of fruit

No, no, no, I have no right to be excused
But I remember as he told me
Don’t make it worse, dear
Let’s kill this liar and cook it for dinner

Heaven on earth became a wreck when I tasted perdition
I think I would love to feel no worries again
I would definitely love to feel no worries anymore,
I would definitely love to go back to the way it was...
Track Name: Orphans (14:18)
Will we ever learn that we don’t belong?
Not to this building, but to this horrible world, which our Father loves so much.
I believe there is some great love that unites us all.
We are all a family down the hall.

Whoa, I know we belong to the most beautiful home, we’ll get along.
All our prayers, of peace we all seek, will be one.

Let us know and learn we need to care and love in order to live.
I’ve seen the dream of the believers; I look to the sky and make the night a friend of mine.

Tonight we pray for peace
Dear god, what a world you chose! I’m amazed by your love.